Dallas Live Tonight provides current information about the live music scene and the venues in the Dallas - Ft. Worth area.  

  • Band Videos 2022 feature articles, photos, videos, and reviews of local, regional, and national bands. We also include highlights about the venues where the bands perform.
  • Band Videos from 2021 
  • Band Video Demos - Does your band need an inexpensive, high-quality video for promotional purposes? Dallas Live Tonight is now offering several low-cost options for video demos. 
  • Our guide to bars and clubs in Dallas - Fort Worth is now separated by city.  Dallas Bars & Clubs and Fort Worth Bars & Clubs each have their own sections. Each listing contains a brief description of the establishment along with their listing in Google including a link to the reviews.  
  • Legendary Musicians and Bands of Texas is a musical archive about the groups who helped to create and influence the contemporary music scene in Texas. 
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