Shorts is our new area that is full of surprises. While most of the videos will still be some type of musical performance, there will be videos of other things like Day of the Dead from Mexico. You can subscribe to our YouTube Channel or join our mailing list to be notified of new videos in Shorts. 

Tribute to Carlos Santana

Another video from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico features ten musicians performing many of Carlos Santana's favorite songs. 

The Little Green Men are joined onstage by their daughters for a song together! 


An Evening at Cafe LuLu

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, has hundreds of restaurants that cater to tourists from all over the world. Many of the restaurants have entertainment of one kind or another. Quince, one of the upscale rooftop restaurants, has a strolling violinist dressed in white with a lighted bow playing an assortment of hip tunes, combined with a tightrope walker, again all clad in white. Then you have places like Cafe LuLu, which on the surface seem rather ordinary until you sample their amazingly unique cocktails and their fabulously crafted, locally grown food. Then top that off with a rotating array of musicians who are entertaining and enjoyable to listen to, you will want to come back again and again.  

"Aint No Sunshine" - Recorded live at Districto SMA - Gaby Espinosa 

Recorded live at Districto SMA in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico featuring Gaby Espinosa. A modern take on a classic Bill Withers song from 1972. The venue used to be a glass factory and was repurposed into a performance venue, art gallery, design shops, and food court. This event marked the venue's second anniversary. 

Dia de Muteros - San Miguel de Allende

The Day of the Dead is NOT Halloween. There is no trick or treat, there are sweets and a tradition that goes back thousands of years. It's a time of remembrance of lost loved ones; the alters are about honoring those who are no longer here.  It's not a somber time, it's a time to reflect on those who are gone and try to coax them into a quick return visit. There are parties, parades, and gatherings that celebrate, even when the party goes to the graveyard to get close to the dead. It is about a culture that doesn't exclude death but rather embraces and includes it in the fabric of the living. The video was shot in a large space where artists paint, sculpt, weave, and collaborate creatively. It is a space filled with a creative spirit that, if anything, can touch another dimension this would be the place. 


HALLOWEEN Street Parade Dallas, Texas  October 29, 2022 

Falling on a Monday, Halloween was celebrated in most places, at least commercially, on Saturday before.   It loses something when not on the correct day, but it is either anathema to some religions or a cause de celebre to others. The Oak Lawn area of Dallas is the heart of the gay community and is known for its “party at any cost” attitude.   Texas’s answer to Frank Zappa, Kinky Friedman ( yes, that one ), once said that he favored gay marriage, as he felt they should have “the right to be as miserable as the rest of us”. With that in mind and fascinated by the rumors I’ve about past Oak Lawn Halloween parties, off I go. The main street is Cedar Springs and the City had cordoned off about a half mile for foot traffic only.    I will admit, everyone I saw was having a good time.  Some in costume, some not.  There were some pretty good drag queens, an occasional leather-clad guy, a bat girl, oddly costumed clowns, and little kids dressed as Dracula.    No ghosts, though.  I think the white sheet is a sore subject. All in all, I spent about two hours and filmed whatever I saw, in no particular order.  Actually, I thought the whole thing was rather tame.   My associate and editor was in Mexico and went to all the Day of the Dead parades and celebrations.   From what he told me, next Halloween, I’m going south.