Jack Allday band


JACK ALLDAY BAND with Special guest Emiley Rowley  May 01, 2022

        Live at the FREEMAN, Dallas, Texas

We feel generally at home at the Free Man on Commerce street.    Cajun food, Libations, and multiple bands each week. Many of these bands reflect the Blues-Cajun-New Orleans nexus. I was there on May 1  for the Saturday brunch; mudbugs and the Jack Allday Band. I’ve seen the band before and have had the pleasure of knowing Jack for a few years. These guys perform what they call “BE” ( before Elvis ) music.  These are essentially big band songs performed by a small group.   This is an extraordinary band in that each musician is a real master of his instrument.   Even if "BE" big band songs are not your cup of tea, any music enthusiast needs to see what a really talented small group can do.

On this particular Saturday, singer Emiley Rowley performed two songs ( I’ve Got You Under My Skin, and Route Sixty-six )

The Players included:   Jack Allday ( drums ) 

                                         Mark Wilson ( double bass ) 

                                         John Statler  ( clarinet , saxophone , vocals ) 

                                         Donnie Gilliland ( guitar ) 

                                         Kent Ellington ( piano ) 

                                         Emiley Rowley ( vocals ) 






King Soloman Hicks

King Solomon Hicks at Sundown at the Granada                     04/07/2022

Let’s be honest. This is Texas and Texas is full of blues guitar artists, many with national prominence. I go back as far as Freddie King and the early days of Jimmy Vaughn.

So, when I got an assignment to video and review, King Solomon Hicks, I wasn’t too excited.

He was appearing at Sundown at the Granada, a club I like.  

I caught Mr. Hicks at the beginning of his show, a trio consisting of Hicks ( guitar and vocals  ), Kirk Yano ( bass ), and Neal O'Brien ( drums ).  “Impressed” is not a good adjective to describe Hicks and his trio. Wow is much closer to the experience.  

This was a polished show from well-experienced players of the type that don’t come along each day.  The stage was dominated by Solomon who radiated joy in his music.  His vocals were excellent and his guitar work ( using a Benedetto custom guitar ) was musical and perfect for each song.  There was none of the shredding or scrubbing often heard from lesser players.

The show was smooth as silk, with no excessive tuning or discussions on stage.  Many of the songs were original, a few were Solomon’s interpretation of others.  Some writers have referred to Solomon as “up and coming”.    I say he has arrived but is still relatively new to the blues scene. I expect Solomon Hicks to become a real star in blues, if not blues and jazz.  I advise he be seen at your earliest opportunity.

Solomon has recently released his latest album: “Harlem”.

Other albums include Embryonic ( Cotton Club, 2010 ),  Carrying on the Torch of the Blues ( 2016 ), and  Alive and Electrified ( the Iridium, New York 2018 ).

Info and booking:   www.Kirkyano@AOL.com








TryMore Mojo

TRYMORE MOJO Sundown at the Granada  04/22/2022

This band was the headliner following Hive Mind Honey.  TryMore Mojo has been called a jam band but that term doesn’t do this group justice. In Mojo’s case, these guys play in a free-wheeling, eclectic way that is part funk, rock, jazz while being fun and totally musical. They led the audience through their musical montage with force and purpose.  They make use of a synthesizer and a combination of electronic and acoustic drums. They successfully separate their personalities while playing in a unitary style that sounds both original and unique. Their arrangements tend toward kick-ass high-energy but other musical moments have reflections of Pink Floyd, Little Feat, and funk juxtapositioning within their complex sonic platte. It is an experience to listen to, and great to dance to as well. You will notice the many gyrations the patrons made to their music during their set.  They have released an EP entitled “First Contact” and plan more. The players were Evan Lamb (guitar & vocals), Cory Austin (bass & vocals), Leland Kracher (keyboards), and Medrick Greely (drums/percussion).  These guys deserve a serious second look. 

Contact :  Trymoremojo.com

                   TryMore  Mojo on Face Book. 


Hive Mind Honey

Hive Mind Honey at Sundance at the Granada 04/22/2022


I’ve about decided that Sundown at the Granada is one of the best places in Dallas to see and hear new / up-and-coming talent in a small venue with reasonable cover and free parking. This past Friday I headed down there to see TryMore Mojo and Hive Mind Honey, two groups I will admit I knew nothing about.  Before I get to the bands I need to mention that many nights Sundown begins their shows around 8 pm and are finished before midnight. As I discovered, this is not true when there is a larger show at the next door Granada Theatre.   On those occasions, the bands at Sundown don’t start until around 10:30 pm in hopes of attracting the crowd from the show next door ending. This was the case the evening I went to hear Hive Mind Honey. They are a four piece jam fusion rock band (not to be confused with jamrock ; Jamaican Rock ).

They have been together for a bit over a year.  Initially confused by what I heard, I gradually began to recognize funk, jazz, and rock themes that are woven in and out of the playing. This is, indeed mind music.   I’m told that the songs are not spontaneous, but rehearsed and quite intentional with a few changes in riffs here and there.   Much like the progressive jazz of the 50s and 60s this music has an aiming point while allowing each player considerable latitude in any given piece.   OK. What the Hell does that mean?  Well, I’d have to say that this is music for musicians and people who think more about music than melody and time.  It supersedes both.  The listening is led into the world of each musician and others get it or not. I see musicians who are seeking their own musical personality and are willing to communally explore their possibilities. 

The members of the group are: Riley Anderson ( keyboards and vocals ), Travis Littrell  ( guitar 

and vocals ), Jordan Maxey ( drums ), and Joe Barrientos ( bass). 

Contact : Hive Mind Honey on FaceBook 



Jenna Clark @ Three Links

JENNA CLARK at Three Links, Dallas   04/17/2022

A breezy, warm Saturday afternoon is the perfect time to sit in the shade and sip whatever you like.   Maybe people watching and some soft music would complete the experience.

The question is where might I do these idyllic things?   I found at least one place.  Three Links in Deep Ellum.  The front was wide open, there was no cover charge and not many people inside.  The foot traffic outside on Elm street was moderate, as all the little specialty shops were open.

Once inside, music is emanating from the stage; soft prose set to music by a young woman, Jenna Clark.  Jenna accompanied herself with a box guitar.  She sang songs she had written as well as her interpretation of music by others, including a very nice version Ray Charles’ “You Don’t Know Me.”  Her singing has a floral quality, fresh and soothing.

Jenna is from Florida, but came to Dallas and settled in to stay in 2012.   Initially a yoga instructor, she soon turned to music, initially with a backing band  she released one EP ( Ten O’Clock in the Morning ).  She now works largely as a soloist and can be seen at Three Links at least one Saturday afternoon per month.   I’d say that Jenna is a growing talent whose music career is yet to completely unfold.  She is working on an album ( West To Dallas ) to be released later this year. 

Contact: https//:www.Jennaclarkofficial.com

Bookings as above.

Message via Face Book ( Jenna Clark )





The Free loaders @ The Free Man

The FREE LOADERS at the FREE MAN - Dallas, Texas   03.30.2022


Frequent visitors to Deep Ellum are familiar with The FREE MAN on Commerce Street. Their Louisiana Cajun food is excellent and is equaled only by their dedication to providing quality live music. They have one or another group every day.  I recently reviewed a Wednesday regular, the Peter Rioux Quartet. This past Tuesday, I saw the Free Loaders, a multi-piece jazz group headed by John Jay Myers. Myers is the group’s drummer and singer.   He performs with multiple musicians from a trio to as many pieces as needed. There was a total of seven the night I was there. The lineup included Myers (drums and vocals), “Joey” (trombone), Kazu (trumpet), Travis Udall (bass) August Knobel (keyboards), and Chris Cale (guitar).

The group was all business and had a good stage presence. During various songs, different members of the group would leave the stage and continue to play among the audience.  Very entertaining, and exceedingly difficult to video. Myers’ vocals are raspy and reminiscent of performances like Louie Armstrong and Tom Waits. Overall, the performance was more “big band” rock and roll than classic jazz.  Nonetheless, the audience and I enjoyed the show and the music.

The Free Loaders have an album (actually, a CD) available from their website.

Contact: www.thefreeloadersband.com

Booking: bookingthefreeloaders@gmail.com.


UKRAINE BENEFIT at Amplified Live, Dallas. 03/27/2022


Dallas Live Tonight would like to thank Amplified Live ( Dallas, Texas ) for allowing us to participate in a 12 hour benefit on behalf of the people and refugees from Ukraine and their current struggle for independence. 

Heart felt thanks to all who contributed their time, money and music and art work to Ukraine and it’s people. 


Please contribute what you can to #StandwithUkraine.



Peter Rioux Quartet


PETER RIOUX QUARTET at The FreeMan, Dallas                 03/23/2022


Most clubs are fairly devoid of live entertainment on Wednesdays.  A few spots around town have live music, among them is the FREEMAN, in Deep Ellum.    They usually have a jazz group in the restaurant part of the club several days per week.  This week, I decided to see the Peter Rioux Quartet.  They are the early performers ( 7-9 pm) on Wednesday nights. 

The group consists of Peter Rioux, ( piano ) an import from Canada, Hans Bleehert ( double bass ), and Ben Bohorg ( tenor saxophone ), both of the latter trained at the University of North Texas . The drummer, Brian Harmon is from New Orleans and was taught by his father and grandfather. 

The music they play is improvisational, straight-ahead jazz.  I’m sad to report that clubs featuring this type of jazz are a bit scarce in Dallas, but fortunately, there are sufficient fans to keep guys like these around.  

The quartet played multiple pieces, some with familiar themes, others pure improvisation. Regardless each player showed himself to be a master of his instrument.  Each player took a solo at various points.   The solos were highlighted by counter themes and excursions into those mystical moments that make jazz abstract and unpredictable.   The FreeMan in the early evening, along with the Peter Rioux Quartet made for a delightful experience.  

The audience was small for this concert.  This was unfortunate. Regardless of your primary taste in music, jazz played this well will speak to you.    




Shawn James at Amplified Live Dallas

SHAWN JAMES at Amplified Live, Dallas TX 3.21.22

Sundays are always good for a reporter like me. There is often good, live entertainment and smaller crowds in most clubs. I saw that Amplified Live was to have Shawn James this Sunday. I’ll admit that I knew practically nothing about Mr. James, except that he frequently performed solo or with a small band and that he had more than a trivial following. The show was to start at 8 pm. I arrive at 7:45 and was told “we’re sold out”. Sold out on a Sunday? Now I have to see this show. So, I weasel my way in and sure enough, the place is packed. I subsequently learned that the night before, Mr. James had sold out a show in San Antonio, and a few days prior to that in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Shawn James was born in Chicago ( 1986 ) and began his career in his early 20’s. What type of music? Pretty much whatever he wants. He likes rock, ballads, C&W, gospel, rockabilly, any-billy, and others. In short, I’d lump him into “ Americana “. He is a prolific writer and has produced five solo albums, the latest of which is “A Place in the Unknown”, and five albums with his band the “Shapeshifters”.

His show at Amplified was extraordinary. His voice is a booming baritone. I suspect this guy could sing anything short of an operatic soprano. I’d like to see him try a few acapella songs in each show. He did a few solo songs, accompanied only by his standard guitar. Most, however, were accompanied by a powerful drummer, bassist, and an exceptionally expressive violinist. The general performance and stage presence were exciting, interesting, and overall superb. Shawn James is a real star. With a little more time and some luck, he may well become a super-star.


Dale Watson at Lola's Trailer Park

DALE WATSON  at Lola’s Trailer Park, Ft Worth.                       03.18.22

Dale Watson needs no introduction to longtime country-western fans.    He calls his music “Ameripolitan” and considers himself a stubborn independent who records authentic country music.  Though interested in music since childhood, his career made its first big jump when in 1988 he moved from Houston to North Hollywood and joined the house band at the famous “Palomino Club”.

In 1992 he moved to Nashville and began writing songs for the Gary Morris Publishing company.  Since that time he has experienced continued success, writing and recording more than 25 albums, charted a number of country songs, appeared in and written music for a number of movies. In 2013 he made his first appearance on the PBS program “Austin City Limits”.  He is a regular performer on the Grand Ole Opry. When I found he was to appear at Lola’s in Ft Worth it was assured that I would go.

I arrived at the start of the show, which was on the out-door stage at Lola’s.  The crowd was large, but not packed. Watson performed for almost two hours, playing his hits as well as a few by Merle Haggard, Billy Joe Shaver, Bob Wills, and others. His interaction with the audience was spontaneous and almost as entertaining as the music.  The backup band ( Lone Stars ) was small ( string bass, pedal steel, and drums ). Watson played guitar masterfully.

It is rare to see a real musical legend in such an intimate venue.

It certainly was a performance I’ll not forget.


Lola’s Trailer Park

2736 West 6th Street

Ft Worth, TX 76107

(817) 759 9100


Dale Watson

Contact www.Dalewatson.com



Gustaf at Sundown at the granada


Gustaf is an electro-pop indie band from Brooklyn, New York, formed by Lydia Gammil ( vocalist and flute ) and Tara Thiessen ( vocal and percussion ) while attending New York University. The other members of the group are Tine Hill ( bass ), Vram Kherlopian ( guitar ), and Melissa Lucciola ( drums }. The performance consists of original music.   It is tight and well-rehearsed with Lydia performing lead vocals in a serious, almost scolding manner while her foil is Tara who dances wildly while keeping time with coffee cans, claves, triangles, and whatever she has handy and singing in various ( electronically ) altered voices. Tara projects pure joy.   The bass was integral to each song and together with well-arranged drums and odd percussion provided a remarkably solid foundation for the music. They are talented, entertaining, and accomplished musicians. I really believe this group has star potential.  They too are currently on their way to SXSW just down I35 in Austin. Catch them at your first opportunity.  


Instagram @gustaf_NYC

Management:  menno Versteeg



Danzii at Sundown at the Granada

I didn’t exactly what to expect from this group and I still have little with which to compare it. Hailing from Miami this group was a mix of electronic pop, Goth, and abstract theatre.  There was music,  Including singer/ performer ( Jenna Balfe ), guitarist ( Danny Heinze ), bass ( Dennis Fuller - Jenna's husband), keyboards & tracks ( Mau Abascal ), and dancers ( Chandler Jaffe and Miseal Sotta .)  The music was original and a combination of mournful laments and lively wailing, accompanied by electronic percussion and live musicians. Dance was an integral part of Jenna’s singing and performance, occasionally augmented by the skimpily clad duo of Chandler Jaffe and Miseal Sotta. I think some of this performance was meant to be erotic, but in a way that emphasized the raw uncertainty of life.   A truly mixed performance of the type is usually seen in avant-garde theatres in cities like Miami, New York, and San Francisco.  When I asked Dennis Fuller how to classify their performance he replied “Got Beach”. Well, as good as any, I suppose.  This was an interesting act to which the usual rock and roll adjectives just don’t apply. Their next stop is SXSW in Austin.  I don’t think it would hurt a bit if we in Texas had a little more of this kind of thing.   Let us know what you think.


Contact:  Donziibooking@Gmail.com

Instagram @_Donzii


Midlake at Dan’s Silverleaf



Midlake is well known to indie rock fans. They have been together for almost two decades, have toured the U.S. and Europe and have released five albums.   Initially jazz focused, shifts in line up, and break ups have resulted in their evolution into thoughtful indie rock. 

I saw them at Dan’s Silver Leaf on the occasion of releasing their fifth album. ( “For Sake ofBethel Woods”, ATO Records ).  Their music has been referred to as lo-fi psychedelic electronica. 

The members are Eric Pulido ( singer, guitarist ), McKenzie Smith ( drums ), Eric Nicholson, ( guitar ), Jessie Chandler ( keyboards and flute ) and Joey Chandler ( bass). 

I like this group. Their stage presence is organized and all business. 

Each of the players is skilled and conscious of the other members of the band leading to 

a unified musical voice.   These are musicians’ musicians. Their songs are melodic, more adult oriented than many of their contemporaries.  Most of their material is of medium tempo and appropriately dynamic. Midlake is an admirable group, hard working with a clear idea of the direction they wish to travel. 

They are quite successful as a touring act and have experienced  better than average success in writing and recording. 

I would certainly go to see them again and I recommend them to anyone wanting to see and hear the somewhat softer side of indie rock. 

Contact: www.midlakeband.com/contact. 

Management:   USA.   Frank Riley 

                            High Road Touring 

                           UK & Europe.  James Alderman 

                            Free Trade Agency 

Dan’s Silver Leaf


Denton has changed a lot since my last trip there, some twenty years ago.    Having two large 

universities, North Texas State University and Texas Woman’s University insures a steady population of 18 to 25 year olds.  There has always been a large young population and in Denton,music has always been a big deal.  However, it was the introduction of liquor sales in the late 1970’s that sparked the boom in the entertainment and music business.


The club scene is not as concentrated as in Dallas, but is spread across most of the city.

One of the oldest ( 22 years ) and popular places is Dan’s Silver Leaf on Industrial street, about a block from the old town square.  The club sits in a cluster of newer restaurants and older single story structures.   Once in the club, I was immediately struck by the similarity to clubs in Deep Ellum ( Dallas ) and other urban centers.  There is a concrete floor, a full bar on one side and a generous stage on the other.   The indoor portion is on the small size, twelve to fifteen hundred square feet. There is also a covered patio area in the rear.  The crowd was young adults.  The rest rooms are clean and readily accessible.  The décor is post-industrial modern.  Parking is free and on well lit streets. 

The sound system was similar to that in most clubs.   The sound level was loud enough for rock and roll, but not so loud as to prohibit conversation. 

In summary, a nice place with all the amenities today’s young club goer would want. 


Dan’s Silver Leaf

103 Industrial Street

Denton, Texas 76201


(940) 808 0008




Marcos Orozco Y Grupo Rebelde at New West Dallas 03/04/22

Marcos Orozco and his band ( Grupo Rebelde ) performed the night I went to New West.

Marcos is based in San Antonio and is a well-seasoned performer and star in Tejano music. Marcos began his career in the 1980s and performed as lead singer in a number of South Texas bands.  It was the David Lee Garza band that launched his career as a solo artist. Since then Marcos has produced a number of hits, including “Tonta” and “Una Noche Mas”.  He has released eight albums on the Oromar Records label. His performance at New West was smooth and well-rehearsed. Marcos and his band showed exceptional musicianship and an appealing stage presence.   Each of his songs filled the dance floor and brought thunderous applause.  Overall, excellent performance in a great venue.

Contact: marcosorozco310@AOL.com

Bookings:  (210)- 445 9565


New West is one of the best-kept secrets ( at least to old rock & roll guys ) in Dallas.   It’s a Tejano club located just west of White Rock Lake, the club sits behind a PeP Boys store near the corner of Abrams and Northwest Hiway ( Loop 12 ).   It is open only on Fridays and Saturdays, doors open at 8 pm.  They have live entertainment on Friday and a DJ on Saturdays. I had been driving past the place for years without much notice.  Last Friday night, I decided we needed some Tejano music like the last time I had heard any live Tejano was in San Antonio twenty-five years ago. I arrived about 9:30 PM to find the parking lot almost full.   There was valet parking and a $20 cover charge.  Inside I was immediately struck by the size of the place.   Huge, to say the least. There are four separate bars and a beer station, as well as a kitchen that offers Tex-Mex favorites ( tacos, nachos, quesadillas, etc. )   There was a smaller but generous room with a DJ, and then I walked into the main ball room.  The dance floor, I would estimate at about 2500 square feet.  There is a large stage and large screen TVs showing the stage, one facing each direction. Seating is tiered arena style. Every seat has a good view of the stage. The sound system is pro-grade at a pleasing volume for the club’s size. There are Vari-Light systems for the stage and dance floor. The crowd, likely about 600 persons, was young adults to middle-aged couples. The entertainment was provided by Marco Orozco Y Grupo Rebelde, a well known singer/songwriter. The club was clean and nicely decorated. The staff was polite and helpful. Security was provided by a number of Dallas Police officers. To sum it up, I’m impressed with New West.  A great entertainment venue offering good food, libations, and great entertainment for adults in a friendly and safe atmosphere and one of the best entertainment values in the DFW area.  I highly recommend it. 

6532 East Northwest Highway 

Dallas, Texas 75231-8010


(214) 400 9872

Sailor POON - Three Links

Sailor Poon is a five-piece, post-punk, all-girl, indie rock band from just down I35 in Austin, Texas. 

Their Facebook page description says - Doomy stoogey post-punk. 

Their expressed statement is anti-patriarchal society, but this is not overtly apparent in their live performance that seems more "fun" than anti-anything. There are after all from Austin.

They released their first album in 2020, entitled “Sailor Poon’s First Album”.

They will be performing at SXSW this year. 

Their music has been described as “chaotic and noisy”, and I agree.

Nonetheless, Sailor Poon has enjoyed a degree of success over several years. The focal point of the band is Billie Buck the lead singer. She has a howl-laugh that grows on you. 

Billie Buck - sax and vocals
Sarah Cuk - keyboards and synthesizers
Cari Giard - drums
Mariah Stross - bass
Madison Whitaker - guitar

In summary, I’d have to say that Sailor Poon is worth a look and may well be an acquired taste.

Contact: Sailor Poon on Facebook/Instagram, listen to them on Bandcamp



THELMA and the SLEAZE at Three Links Dallas 02.20.22

Thelma ( L.G. Gilbert’s brainchild ) was formed in 2005 in Nashville.  Described as “queer southern rock “ in style, the band has undergone many personnel changes over the years.  The latest lineup is L.G. Gilbert ( front, singer, and guitar ) GiGi Caleg ( bass ) , Amaia “Coochie Coochie” Aguirre  (keyboards), and Shaylee Walsh ( drums ), and various other members on different occasions. The band has appeared in two short films and in the ABC series Nashville.

The band’s latest album is “Fuck, Mary, Kill” released in 2019. Their stage performance is more polished than other similar acts, albeit with a little more gratuitous vulgarity than I would prefer.  Their original material is, at times downright melodic and reflects more talent and writing experience than most. Thelma and the Sleaze is a band that should be seen by anyone who seeks the better part of feminist rock acts.


contact: Thelmandthesleaze@gmail.com

                Thelma and the Sleaze on FaceBook



Steak Sauce Moustache - Amplifed Live - 2.11.22

There is hardcore, metalcore, deathcore, mathcore, and a dozen other variations of music in the post-punk metal genre.   Steak Sauce Moustache is what I would call Bozocore; a mix of metal, post-punk, and comedy.

They are four guys from Medford, Oregon who embody the spirit of the party.  Good metal music, acrobatics, voice distortion, and hurling balloons and foam tubes toward the audience are their stock and trade.  It’s hard to say how seriously other bands take themselves, but I’m sure these guys don’t. They have several videos and a new album, available on vinyl entitled “Superwoke” ( Silentpendulum Records).

Management: Joel@pinupartistsmanagement.com

Contact:  Steaksaucemoustache@gmail.com



THE GOD AWFUL TRUTH - Amplified Live - 2.11.22

The God Awful Truth is a four-piece chaotic metalcore/mathcore metal band based in Denton, Texas.   If unfamiliar with “mathcore” don’t feel alone.   Mathcore began in the late 90’s, post-hardcore punk period, and emphasizes irregular rhythms, syncopation, and odd or unusual key signatures, all the while expressing a dim outlook for mankind.    The God Awful Truth is a good starting place for new listeners, especially via their album “Memory Palace”.   The recording is available on vinyl and via streaming services.  Follow: The God Awful Truth on Face Book 

Contact : Thegodawfultruth@bandcamp.com

PACMANTHEMOVIE - Amplified Live 2.11.22

Pacmanthemovie is a five-piece group from Houston. Their music is a metal subspecies consisting of non-stop chaos, screaming, pounding, laughter and obscenity. What more could you want? The group consists of Wynton (vocals), Dylan (vocals and guitar), Tony (guitar), Angel (bass), and Dan (drums). They currently have an album “Pacmanthemovie 2 Eat Lives”, available on all streaming services.

Contact and booking:






Amnesia Garden - Amplified Live - 2.11.22

Amnesia Garden is a five-member metalcore/ death metal band from Dallas, Texas. The members are Nate (guitar), Jerm (Bass and vocal), Foch (drums), Jimmie (drums), and Morg (vocals and sampling).  Their act is fast-paced and non-stop. Morg sings, growls, and screams. They released a digital EP, “A Kingdom Where Hyenas May Jest and Prance” in November 2021 which is available on most streaming services.

Contact:  https://amnesiagarden.bandcamp.com/album/a-kingdom-where-hyenas-may-jest-and-prance.



Yatsu - Amplified Live - 2.21.22


Yatsu is a North Texas-based trio composed of guitar, bass, and drums. Formed in 2019, the members consist of Lane Oliver (guitar), Josh Huddleston (drums), and Imran Syed (bass). They have an EP entitled “The One With the Most Mosh Riffs” available on most streaming services. Described as metal-violence, they have a new release coming soon, entitled “It Can’t Happen Here “.  This seems an apt description of what I heard.  Their music is pounding, rhythmic, often synchronized with the audience’s movements.

Contact and bookings :

The Earsplit Compound

PO Box 142

Conger, NY 10920




Trauma Ray at Tulips 1.26.22

TRAUMA RAY  at Tulips                                                                 01/26/2022


Trauma Ray is a four-piece space rock group based in Fort Worth, Texas. The group is made up of Uriel Avila (guitar and vocals), Nicholas Bobota (drums), Darren Baun (bass), and Jonathan Perez (guitar) .  When I saw them at Tulips, they added a third guitarist. They have recently released an album entitled “Trauma Ray”, which is available on streaming services.

Uriel's ethereal vocals can get lost in the high-volume environment. The band could benefit from better dynamics as opposed to just loud and louder. That would make this environmental music soar to new highs. Trauma Ray is following their own musical muse and shows a great deal of originality and potential, but it needs more refinement to appeal to a wider audience.  We’ll keep an eye out for this group.







TULIPS, Ft Worth                                                                            01/26/2022


We have decided to explore the entertainment venues in Fort Worth and so far, we have found it well worth the drive.  Tulips on St Louis street was our second stop.  The club is located just off South Mainstreet and has ample and free street parking. The club is decorated in the usual post-industrial style but is cleaner and less cluttered than most such clubs.  It features general admission, but also tables that can be reserved, both at very reasonable prices.  There is also an area that is separated from the general performance area by a wall. I think all such clubs should have a similar place where one may hear the band, but also converse easily with others.   The bar has a wide selection and the wait staff is attentive and polite. The stage is elevated about four feet, overcoming the usual problem with seeing an act on a lower stage.  The house sound system is adequate but not overwhelming.   In summary, Tulips is a very nice club which I hope to visit again soon and is filling much of the void left by the closing of Caravan of Dreams.


Tulips 112 St Louis Street

Ft Woth, Texas 78104

Contact: Venue@TulipsFTW.com

Management:   (903) 521 0686

PRIZE HORSE at Tulips 01/26/2022

Prize Horse is a trio from Minneapolis. I saw them recently at Tulips. They have been compared to Greet Death and other bands from the Midwest. They are composed of Jake Beitel (guitar), (liv Johnson ) bass, and ( John Brenner ) drums. They have recently released an EP entitled “Welders” which is available on most streaming services and they plan to produce 200 vinyl LPs.  Their sound is indie rock with a generous helping of melancholia.  The vocalist ( also the guitarist ) was difficult to hear above the level of the music which was around 95 to 97 db. Their stage presence was generally good, the bass player and guitarist seemed to connect well with the audience.

Instagram: Prize.Horse



I caught the group Flower Language at Tulips on a Wednesday night.   This is a five-piece group who said they hail from Michigan.   There were two guitars, bass, drums, and a male vocalist. Their style was indie rock with a few punk overtones. Their music was original, their stage presence was good. The singer’s voice was good and their balance allowed appreciation of each musician and the vocals.  The musicianship was better than average.  They have recorded an album entitled “Dreams of a Different Place” which is available for download at Bandcamp other streaming services.   I liked this group.  With the right breaks, they could go far.


Legendary Woo Brothers New Single "I Think too Much"


Debut A New Single "I Think Too Much"

at the GOAT -  1.22.2022


The Legendary Woo Brothers appeared at the Goat in East Dallas to perform their latest recording, “I Think Too Much” written by Jerry Smith and Mark Lee. Smith and Lee collaborated on Kenny and the Kasuals 1966 hit, Journey to Tyme. Mark was the band's manager in the 60s' who helped establish the Kasuals as a regional teen rock powerhouse. The new release, “I Think Too Much" was a new collaboration between Smith and Lee with plans for more new songs that were caught short due to Lee’s unexpected death in 2021.

The song and its premier performance are dedicated to Mark Lee, his work, and his legacy.

Contact:  Jsmith75032@gmail.com



Jerry Smith (bass/guitar/vocals)

Alan McDaniel (guitar/vocals)

Dirk Gabrielson  (drums)

James Kirk Hampton (keyboards) 



The Meteors @ Amplify Live January 2022

The METEORS at Amplified Live  01/20/2022

The Meteors were formed in London in 1980. Through three decades they have produced in excess of twenty albums and have played over 5,500 live shows. The band consists of P.Paul Fenech (guitar and vocals), Hendrick Corleone ( bass ), and Wolfgang Hordemann (drums) Fenech is the only original member. The Meteors are given credit for being first “psychobilly” band. They combine elements of rockabilly, punk, horror, and science fiction.   Their fans,i.e. the crazies, are credited with inventing a style of dance known as “wrecking”, a mixture of fighting, dancing, and mosh.

They performed an intense one-hour set at Amplified Live.  The music was fast, pounding, and profane. The drummer played from a standing position and the vocal and infrequent narration was provided by Fenech. They moved from one song directly to the next for a little over an hour. It was a simple, straightforward fast-paced, and well-rehearsed show.

The Texas audience did not “wreck” but clearly appreciated the band.

Merchandise/records:    www.shop.outofvouge.de




Bull By The Horn - Live at three links 1.14.22

BULL BY THE HORN at Three Links, Dallas     01/14/2022


The final band that evening was Bull By The Horn, a four-piece boogie/rock band based in Dallas. Following some tuning that would have best been done backstage, they began an original tune best described as boogie rock. The vocals were provided by their front guitarist and were audible.  This band took the time to get a good sound balance which allowed the audience to appreciate solos and the vocals better.  I thought that the rhythm and lead guitarist often played the same phrasing a bit too often resulting in a muddy guitar sound.  A little of this doubling of the rhythm goes a long way. Their stage presence was better than average, there was good rapport with the audience. These guys are a good example of “Texas Hard Rock”.


Contact: bullbythehorn@yahoo.com




Temptress - Live at three links 1.14.22

TEMPTRESS at Three Links, Dallas     01/14/2022


Temptress is a Dallas Based trio consisting of Kelsey Wilson (guitar and vocal), Andi Cuban (drums), and Christian Wright (bass and vocal).  The band plays punk and metal-styled music. They began their set with two full minutes of guitar and bass feedback followed by the standard 180 to 200 beats/minute guitar and bass scrubbing.  All this led to short vocal segments by the guitarist and bassist.   The vocals were hard to hear and impossible to understand due to the band’s high volume.  The drummer provided a steady beat punctuated by crushing cymbal crashes. Nonetheless, their stage presence was appropriate and their interaction with the audience was good. These are young folks and have sufficient talent, and if they are willing to put in the effort, they could work their way up the ladder in the punk-metal world. I wish them the best.


Contact: Temptressband@gmail.com



Summit - Live at Three Links

SUMMIT at THREE LINKS, Dallas      1/14/2022

The band consists of Jacob Galloway (guitar), Mario Rodriquez (drums), David Rosen (bass), and an unnamed guest guitarist. Due to arriving late I only captured the closing number that Summit performed. Hopefully, our paths will cross again, and a full review of the band can be written. 

Contact: https://summitusa.bandcamp.com/album/summit


THE KOFFIN KATZ Live @ Lola's Trailer Park 01/12/2022

The Koffin Katz originated in Garden City Michigan by Vic Victor and Tommy Koffin.  There have been personnel changes over the years, but the current group is composed of Victor , up right bass and vocals , Tommy Koffin, guitar and vocals and Eric  (“E-Ball”) Walls on drums. The group says they have been on the road for years and no longer claim any city as home. Their music is psychobilly, death metal group and their library includes eight albums and a ninth to be finished in the spring. Vocals are handled by the bass player, whose acrobatics with the large bass are impressive. At time he and the guitar man trade instruments in mid-song, and never miss a beat.   Their stage presence is a strong point.      Their songs, which I admit are not well knownto me seemed appreciated by the audience.    The level of musicianship was good to excellent.  Love them or not, these guys work hard to do a good show.


The only problem I found with them was the volume of the music, which was as high as 102 dbinside the room.  Make no mistake, I don’t mid loud music but most metal groups put out between 85-97 db. Very short exposures to sound levels greater than 100 db can cause hearing damage in a very short period of time.  


Overall, a good time and a good entertainment deal.       


Contact: Koffin Katz 

                PO Box 815

                Garden City, MI  48135


LOLA’S TRAILER PARK - Fort Worth, Texas 01/12/2022                                                                                                                                                                                   

Well, we here at Dallas Live Tonight have finally taken the plunge and visited Fort Worth. 

We are pleased to report that the music opportunities in Fort Worth are up to Texas music standards, and we have decided to annex the city for our musical community.

So, with a map in hand, I head to Fort Worth, specifically Lola’s Trailer Park Saloon at 2736 North 6th Street. The place was easy to find, and the parking was plentiful and free. Located on a corner, the building is old and typical of Texas Blues joints.  There is an indoor and an outdoor stage at the back. The cover charge was $15, which, considering free parking, I consider a bargain. The inside would hold, I estimate, between 250 and 300 people.  The décor is sparse post-industrial much like the clubs in Deep Ellum.  There is a full-service bar along one inside wall and on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday there is barbeque cooked in the rear patio from 4pm until they run out. 

The indoor stage is large enough for all, but the largest bands and the house sound system is QSC KW 122’s and KW 181’s. This set up is more than ample for the room size. 

The crowd was enthusiastic, very casual but well behaved. 

The bands that evening were veterans of Lola’s who now live out of state: Tristan Thorndyke’ Rock’n’ Roll Cannibals and the Koffin Katz.  

In general, I would say that Lola’s is a good place to hear live music and have a few drinks and some BBQ in a casual and friendly atmosphere. 


2736 Sixth Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76107

(817) 759 9100

Rentals & booking:   www.booking@lolasfw.com 



TRISTAN THORDYKE’S ROCK’n’ROLL CANNIBALS 01/12/2022 Lola’s Trailer Park , Ft Worth, Texas

Tristan Thorndyke recently from Denton, now lives in Las Vegas.   Tristan is a singer / guitarist and with his two friends ( drummer and bass player ) perform as the Rock’n’Roll Cannibals. Though not on this outing he also has a Doo Wop group and does a Johnny Cash tribute. 

The Cannibals perform Psychobilly/ rockabilly style music with punk rock over tones. Tristan demonstrates attention grabbing stage presence and rapid fire songs. jokes, and a pretty decent voice.  The trio is well balanced. The musicianship was good to excellent. I noted the drummer used his snare, toms and kick in a well thought out manner that added depth to the group’s basic sound. 

Unfortunately, the group’s volume was such as to obscure much of the vocals. However, our video recording modulated the volume allowing a more realistic portrayal of the music. 

Personally, I would go to see these guys again. 

Contact: (940) 600 0123   Tristanthorndyke@Yahoo.com





Cherry bomb - Amplify Live 1/7/2022


CHERRY BOMB a Tribute To Female Rock Singers                 01/07/2022

A quick search of the usual internet sites reveals that there are numerous rock groups and one magazine named “CherryBomb” The group presented here are a four-member ensemble to be found at www.facebook.com/cherrybombtexas.

The group consists of guitar, bass, drums, and a female singer who very occasionally plays guitar.  Their repertoire does have many female-based songs, going as far back as “These Boots “(Nancy Sinatra) and Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary." But Cherry Bomb's wheelhouse seems closer to Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders. There is a pounding punk undercurrent throughout the music. The singer's voice works well on many songs but loses the edge on others. She might benefit from a stronger backing vocalist. The band’s dominant personality was that of Cherry Bomb with occasional moments for the lead guitarist. Having said all that, the group is quite entertaining. The audience agreed and, in the end, that’s what counts. There is talent in this group, and with more thought about song choices with Madam Cherry in mind, the addition of another singer or a keyboardist could take this band to a whole new level.